Carnation, 10×15 cm

This year we are having wet winter here in California. It seems like the drought is over: lakes and reservoirs are full of water and hills are green, which makes us happy.

Enjoying simple pleasures – looking at these green hills.

Panoche Hills, California

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The Violin

The last one for now and my favorite painting from Sherlock Holmes series – Violin.


It was challenging, but very interesting to paint wooden texture and to learn something about violin: how is it made and how it looks from the side, what parts are flat and what are sticking out and how much. I needed this information to make it look more realistic and to paint a realistic shadow.

It’s called ‘study’ when an artist makes different sketches or paintings of his subject at different angles or in different projections, etc.

I used white colored pencil to add some highlights and draw strings and hair attached to the bow.

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One more portrait

Here is my watercolor portrait of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes.


Right color choices make things a lot easier and textures add some depth.

The reference image was unusually cut like this, but I believe, that this approach adds some interest to the portrait.

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London fog

Fog, no matter where it is, is particularly tricky to paint… London fog – the most famous fog out there, is even more special for many artists.


I had to turn my watercolor paper upside-down to make fog look like this, raising from the still waters of the River Thames.

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