Lessons to learn

It couldn’t manage to post every day, but I continue to experiment with watercolor and paint wet-in-wet flowers. I’ll show them to you a bit later.

I took online watercolor classes in January. The theme was Sherlock Holmes. I haven’t seen the latest TV series, but it’s not really necessary as all photo references were provided.

Here is my attempt to paint a watercolor portrait of Mrs. Hudson. She turned out a lot younger, but… don’t we like to look younger? Lol Painting wrinkles seemed somewhat weird, but I’ll probably make another attempt later.

I was struggling with choosing the right colors for her skin tone and ended up with adding white. It was a huge mistake, as white is opaque and it’s typically not recommended to use opaque colors in mixtures of 3 or more. I knew this already, in theory… but decided to risk and got a porcelain face. Lesson learned: if you use Chinese white, you get china instead of skin. If you need to make colors lighter, just dilute them with water and that’s it!


I’m happy that her dress and a teacup turned out really nice.

Our mistakes are our best teachers indeed.

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10 thoughts on “Lessons to learn

  1. PaperPuff says:

    This really looks like the actress. And also one of my aunts, as they have a strong resemblance, which threw me a little when the post came up! I agree the hands and tea cup are particularly good!

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