Illustration: style

I took illustration classes online with an amazing teacher – Alexandra Balashova

We were focusing on composition, color balance and style. First two illustrations I made in my own style and then with every new illustration I had to borrow some style elements from professional illustrators and incorporate them in my work.

I learned to analyse styles of other authors and to borrow some elements without copying their works. This was very informative, at times challenging, but so much fun!


Sophie meets the Howl’s Moving Castle



Howl and Witch are fighting with each other


My collage in style of Ben Newman


Dog turns into a man


In style of Natasha Gavrilova


Sophie, Michael and Mrs. Fairfax are chasing a dog, who wants to bite Howl


In style of Roman Muradov


Witch puts a spell on Sophie


In style of Teagan White


Lettie and Howl on a date


In style of Freya Blackwood


Lettie is going to Cesari’s


In style of Mattias Adolfsson


Sophie in a spooky castle of the Witch


In style of Carson Ellis


Sophie is saving Howl’s life


In style of Patricia Polacco


Sophie is fixing Howl’s suit, Dogman is sleeping nearby


In style of Fernando Cobelo


Sophie is thinking that Howl eats hearts of young girls


Cover design as final illustration


Experimental cover design with alcohol inks


Thanks so much for all your comments!

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